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    Good news for LC300 buyers! Australian Toyota LandCruiser production to fire up in November, vehicles to begin arriving in dealerships from December

    The LC300 arriving in Australia from December.

    Toyota’s LC300 floodgates are about to reopen, with the brand today confirming that right-hand-drive production will resume in Japan next month.

    It will be music to the ears of Australia’s LC300 fans, who had recently been told that production had been stopped, with no confirmation of when it would resume.

    The news led to fears of ever-growing wait times, as the Japanese giant faced parts supply issues that caused company-wide shutdowns.

    But there is LandCruiser hope on the horizon, with Toyota in Australia today confirming the plants would be firing up next month, and producing as many right-hand-drive LC300s as they can.

    That will see the LC300 arriving in Australia from December, far earlier than the worst-case-scenario of months, or even years, long delays.

    "We are optimistic that the all-new LandCruiser will start arriving at local dealerships in Australia in December, with retail launch timing to be confirmed," says Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations, Sean Hanley.

    "Together with our parent company, we are doing everything we can to get customers into their new Toyota vehicles as soon as possible, whether it's the all-new LandCruiser or any other model that is in high demand.”

    Toyota is yet to confirm how many pre-orders for the LC300 it’s received, other than to say “it’s healthy”, but the hope is now the brand will be able to work its way through those deliveries sooner than expected, commencing in December.

    The good news is tempered slightly with confirmation that HiLux and Fortuner production will be impacted in November, but Toyota says its hopeful production capacity will improve in December.

    "As the availability of supply is an evolving situation around the world, we are continuing to work closely with our global production team to secure the maximum possible number of vehicles for our customers," Mr Hanley says.

    "We apologise to customers experiencing delays and we sincerely thank them for their patience. We ask our customers to please contact their local dealer for updates on the status of their individual orders."